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The Algonquin Section, founded in 1954, had the following objectives:

1. To improve all aspects of forestry in the Section.
2. To foster public understanding of forestry, forests and forest industry including their importance to the economy and their role in the maintenance and improvements of environmental quality.
3. To advance members in their knowledge of forestry.
4. To cultivate an esprit de corps among members.
5. To cooperate with other organizations having similar objectives.

Today, we still follow the same principles that were established when the section was formed. Click here to see our Algonquin Section promotional brochure from 1984. We just found it in the archives!


The Algonquin Section is headed by an annually elected council which plans meetings, field trips and social affairs for the members and answers enquiries from the public. Our section council for 2012 is listed below. We welcome your comments, suggestions and help. If you would like to see changes or volunteer for an activity, please contact one of the executive.

Section Council 2012:

Director Megan Smith megans@nipissingu.ca
Chair Bharat Pokharel bharatp@nipissingu.ca
Secretary Margaret Penner mpenner@vianet.ca
Treasurer Murray Woods murray.woods@ontario.ca
Councillor Alison Luke alison.luke@ontario.ca
Councillor Frank Knaapen knaapef@algonquincollege.com
Councillor Jeff Muzzi jmuzzi@countyofrenfrew.on.ca
Councillor Stephen Mitchell csmitchell@sympatico.c
Councillor Don Willis d.willis@jiffygroup.com
Councillor Andy Straughan andy.longwoodforestry@gmail.com
Nipissing Rep. Katie Roberts kmroberts577@community.nipissingu.ca
Algonquin Rep. Roxanne Landry land0250@algonquinlive.com

Forestry Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

Fundraiser for Forests without Borders - T-shirts on sale now!

We continue to sell t-shirts as a fundraiser for Forests Without Borders. Cost is only $20 (tax included)! T-shirts come in your choice of green or black and size available include S, M, L and XL. On the front, Algonquin Section, Canadian Institute of Forestry. On the back, Trees suck...carbon. If you would like to purchase a t-shirt please contact us at Algonquin@cif-ifc.org. We will make arrangements to get the t-shirt to you.

Click here to see how the money raised for Forests Without Borders is being used.

Do you have an idea for an event? Let us know at algonquin@cif-ifc.org

Past Events

Algonquin College Forestry Technician Silver Ring Ceremony
Date: Tuesday March 27, 2012
Location: The Landing, Pembroke Campus

It was a bitterest feeling on March 27th, 2012 during the CIF - Algonquin Section & Algonquin College Forestry Dinner. Next year, the new campus by the waterfront will be complete and the old campus that housed the Forestry Technician Program since the early 1970's would become just a memory. Read on to see how students, faculty and CIF Algonquin Section members celebrated the event.

2012 Algonquin College Forestry Technician Silver Ring Ceremony by Melissa Meneghetti.

Algonquin College Forestry Technician Silver Ring Ceremony
Date: Tuesday March 15, 2011
Location: The Landing, Pembroke Campus

The CIF - Algonquin Section held their annual Dinner and Awards Night, with Erroll Downey acting as the evening's Master of Ceremonies. Algong with great food and student awards, Dr. Darwin Burgess captivated the audience with his presentation on the potential role of the Petawawa Research Forest in Forest Productivity Research. Jeff Muzzi also took to the stage and focused his attention towards Algonquin students and delivered an inspiring, yet light-hearted, speech about the CIF and the organization's benefits to those entering the industry. Read on to see who won the annual awards.

2011 Algonquin College Forestry Technician Silver Ring Ceremony by Kristen Bickell

International Night and AGM
Theme: Forests of the Sierra Nevada, California with guest speaker Dr. Jeff Dech
Date: Friday January 28th, 2010 at 5:30 pm
Location: The McCoy's Restaurant & Tavern

Algonquin Section BBQ & Member Recognition Event
Date: Saturday Ocober 2nd, 2010
Location: Petawawa Research Forest

The 15th Annual Renfrew County Outdoor Woodlot Conference was the lead-up to a very special evening for Algonquin Section. Following the conference, members, friends and family headed to the PRF's main building for a special dinner to honour Ben Wang and Kit Yeatman, both longtime members of the Institute (over 50 years) and retired employees of the Research Forest. Also recognized were Charlie Van Wagner, and the late Kris Morgenstern. Darwin Burgess presented special plaques to Drs. Wang and Yeatman, outlining their unique and outstanding contributions to forestry research. The plaques presented to these outstanding scientists will be placed on permanent display at the Petawawa Research Forest Visitor Centre.

Ben Wang's Plaque
Charles Van Wagner's Plaque
Kit Yeatman & Kris Morgenstern's Plaques
Woodlot BBQ Poster
Group Photo

Raising the Bar(bell) in Kandahar
Date: Thursday March 4th, 2010
Time: 7:00 to 8:30pm
Location: Nipissing University - Room A122

Raising the barbell in Kandahar Poster

Climate Change, Forest Carbon and Forestry: Fact and Fantasy Presentation
Date: Friday March 5th, 2010
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Nipissing University - Weaver Auditorium

Climate Change Poster

14th Annual University of Toronto/Nipissing University Forestry Symposium
Date: Friday March 5th to Sunday March 7th, 2010
Location: Nipissing University - Weaver Auditorium (Friday), Canadian Ecology Centre (Saturday and Sunday)

14th U of T / Nip U Forestry Symposium Poster

International Night and AGM
Theme: China and Brazil, with guest Spreakers Wayne Smith and Don Willis
Location: The McCoy's Restaurant, North Bay
Date: Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Algonquin Section's Great Tradition Continues by the Algonquin Section Council

World Clean Air Tree Kit Giveaways!
Location: All over the Algonquin area!

Algonquin Section received 2000 clean air tree kits (CATK) in September and we've scratched our heads a bit about how best to use them within the spirit of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Grant. Read on to see how we decided to hand them out.

What_Algonquin_Is_Doing_With_CATK by Andree Morneault.
Algonquin College Outdoor Education Students Recieve Clean Air Tree Kits by Alison Luke.

2 Degrees C Presentation
Date: November 23rd, 2009
Location: West Ferris High School, North Bay

Do you know who David Noble is? Probably not. This self-proclaimed unknown is an environmentalist on tour spreading the facts about climate change across Canada. On November 23, North Bay was the lucky town to have him. His target audience: The teens of the Near North District School Board.

Do_You_Know_Who_David_Noble_Is by Mackenzie Willis.

Biomass Harvesting Workshop
Date:October 23rd and 24th, 2009
Location: Nipissing University, North Bay

Over 350 delgates from across Canada, US and Europe spent October 23rd and 24th in North Bay discussing biomass harvesting. It was a lively conference with many opportunities for networking and discussion.

Algonquin_Section_Assists_With_Biomass_Conference by Andree Morneault.

Algonquin College Forestry Technician Silver Ring Ceremony
Date: August 2009

Canadian Institute of Forestry Gold Medal Award 2009 by Trevor Rasmussen.

Algonquin College Forestry Technician Dinner and Award Night
Location: The Landing, Pembroke Campus, Pembroke
Date: March 24th, 2009

13th Annual University of Toronto/Nipissing University Forestry Symposium
Location: Nipissing University and Canadian Ecology Centre
Date: March 6th to 8th, 2009

International Night and AGM
Theme: Scotland/Ireland - Presented by Nancy Young
Location: The Cottage Restaurant, Huntsville
Date: February 24th, 2009

Irish Forestry: No Blarney! by Nancy Young.
Algonquin Section International Night and AGM 2009 by Andree Morneault
Irish Evening Poster

An Inconvenient Truth Presentation
Presenter: Alison Luke
Location: Vic Fedeli Lecture Theatre, Nipissing University, North Bay
Date: November 3rd, 2008

Is Anyone Listening? by Andree Morneault.
Inconvenient Truth Poster

Leaf Peeper Forestry Field Tour
Location: North Bay Area
Date: September 27th, 2008

Leaf Peeper Poster

Algonquin Section in Action

Algonquin section members at some of our past events…



The Candian Institute of Forestry - Algonquin Section Award was established in 1971 and is given a Forestry student at Algonquin College who has achieved the highest academic standing at the end of the first term in the Forestry Program. The award is given at the ALgonquin College Forest Technician Awards Dinner, usually held in March of each year and is presented by at least one member of the Algonquin Section. Past recipients of the award are listed below:

2009 - Minga O'Brien
2008 - Alain Belliveau
2007 - Gererd Hanniman
2006 - Trevor Soltys
2005 - Patricia Gorny and Jeff Case

Click here to see a complete list of award recipients since establishment in 1971.

Algonquin College Forestry Technician Program
Information on how to study and trained in an innovative 47-week, fast track, Forestry Technician college diploma program in Pembroke.

Algonquin Eco-Watch
A non-profit charitable environmental protection organization dedicated to "assess, protect and sustain the Algonquin Ecosystem for the future".

Algonquin Forestry Authority
The Ontario Crown agency responsible for sustainable forest management in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Biomass Innovation Centre
Located at Nipissing University, the Centre's goal is to promote the biomass industry to building professionals, educators, policy makers and other interested parties.

Canadian Ecology Centre
A non-profit forestry and environmental science education and research facility.

Climate Project Canada: Pembroke, Upper Ottawa Valley, Eastern Ontario
An effort to bring the science of climate change directly to people and community around the world.

Forestry Research Partnership
A multi-partner organization demonstrating their commitment to the forests of tomorrow through applied research and sustainable development.

Friends of the Petawawa Research Forest
A volunteer group that works to support, promote and protect the Petawawa Research Forest (PRF) for continued scientific study, environmental education and public recreation.

Greater Nipissing Stewardship Council
Comprised of a diverse group of individuals whose mandate is to preserve, protect, restore & improve the natural resources & environment of Lake Nipissing and area.

Near North Ontario Woodlot Association
Coming soon!

Nipissing Forest Resource Management Inc.
The Sustainable Forest Licensee responsible for sustainable forest management of the Nipissing Forest Management Unit.

Nipissing Naturalist Club
Made up of a group of people who share similar interests such as caring for our environment and the creatures that inhabit it.

North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority
A community-based, non-profit environmental organization that is decicatged to conserving, restoring, developing and managing renewable natural resources on a watershed basis.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Manages and protects Ontario's natural resources for wise use across the province.

Ottawa Valley Forest
The Sustainable Forest Licensee responsible for sustainable forest management of the Ottawa Valley Forest Management Unit.

Petawawa Research Forest
An experimental research forest that was originally estalished to protect and manage the forest of the Petawawa Military Reserve. Today, it serves as a facility for scientific research by the CFS science and technology networks and for cooperating scientists and partners from other agencies.

Renfrew Country Stewardship Council
A private land conservation program whose mandate is to link landowners with dunfing, information, and expertise to ensure that good resource management practices flourish across Renfrew Country.

Renfrew county Woodlot Association
A not-for-profit grasswoots organization on governed by an elected, volunteer board of directors whose members own and manage woodlots in Renfrew Country, and include individuals and organizations that support our goal to ensure that sustainably managed forests remain a part of Ontario's future.

Ontario's Forests Publications
A complete A-Z listing of OMNR formal publications including manuals, guidelines, reports, etc.

Ontario's Forest Managment Planning Manual

Ontario's Forest Management Guides
All guides related to forest management planning.

Forest Biofibre: Allocation and Use
This policy will guide the use of forest biofibre to create and support new opportunities to develop and use new clean technologies and products that could help the province tackle climate change and supply the global demand for more sustainable biofuels and biomaterials.

Stand and Site Guide (Forest Management Guide for Conservaing Biodiveristy at the Stand and Site Scales)
The Stand and Site Guide provides direction and various aspects of conserving biodiversity, including aquatic and wetland habitats and shoreline forests, special habitat features (e.g. bird nests, dens, bat bibernacula), and habitat for species at risk. It also addresses topics like road and water crossing construction and maintenance, soil and water conservation (e.g. rutting, erosion, nutrient loss), and salvage harvest operations.

Extension Notes
The LandOwner Resource Centre, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, has published more than 50extension notes for landowners on various topics such as: forests, agroforestry, pest, water and wetlands, property management and wildlife.

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